How to Determine Which Form of Contraception is Best for You


Few decisions are more important for sexually active young women than their choice of birth control.

The right decision will greatly reduce your chances of experiencing an unintended pregnancy or abortion and will also provide you with additional health and social benefits.

For example, in the Intergenerational Panel Study of Mothers and Children, researchers found that unwanted births can lead to non-psychotic major depression (postpartum depression) as well as feelings of powerlessness and an overall reduction in physical health.

Making the contraception decision more complex is the wide variety of choices that are available through the National Health Service (NHS). Available methods include:

● Caps or diaphragms

● Combined pill

● Condoms

● Contraceptive implant

● Contraceptive injection

● Contraceptive patch

● Female condoms

● IUD (intrauterine device or coil)

● IUS (intrauterine system or hormonal coil)

● Natural family planning (fertility awareness)

● Progestogen-only pill

● Vaginal ring

● Female sterilisation

● Male sterilisation (vasectomy)


So how do you determine which method is best for you?


When it comes to selecting a contraception method there are several factors that you should consider ... here are some questions that you should ask yourself:

● Are you reliable enough to take birth control daily or would your prefer a method you don’t have to take daily?

● Are you OK with inserting a contraceptive into your vagina?

● Are you OK with your periods changing?

● Are you overweight or do you smoke?

● Are you currently taking medicines for any other conditions?

● Do you think you may want to get pregnant in the near future?

Once you’ve answered these questions, the next step would be to talk to a licensed health professional. At The Connaught Square General Practice, we can discuss your goals and options and then help you get the best contraception for your situation.


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