The Hospital for Tropical Diseases (HTD) is the only NHS Hospital dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases and travel related infections. The Hospital serves long and short-term travellers, immigrants and refugee populations.

They also see a broad range of non-tropical infections from the community and healthcare settings in its infectious diseases clinics, in a rapid and responsive manner.

The services provided at HTD are:

Emergency walk-in clinic

This service is for travellers who have returned from the tropics within the last six months who are acutely unwell with conditions such as fever, bloody diarrhoea or rash. These individuals can self-present to the walk-in clinic without an appointment or referral. On arrival an assessment will be carried out by one of the clinical nurse specialists to determine whether the attendance is appropriate. Their emergency walk-in clinic is open 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

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