Discover the Changes a Diabetes Diagnosis Can Bring to Your Life


A diabetes diagnosis could mean that you are in for a lot of changes in how you live your life.

First off, there are the health concerns that you will have to deal with. Type II Diabetes can lead to heart attacks for one thing. Other health complications can include:

● Eye sight loss

● Declining cardiovascular health

● Poor kidney health

● Losing a limb

● High cholesterol

● Increased risk of cancer

● Increased risk of stroke

● And more


And diabetes doesn’t just affect your health, there are many other ways that it can impact your life.

For example, diabetes can also affect something that you previously may have viewed as routine – like driving a car.

When you have diabetes you have to be careful when and where you drive.


Not everyone who has diabetes is at risk of suffering a “hypo,” which is where your blood sugar drops below 4mmol/l but if you are then you have to be aware of certain driving rules. The rules get even more complex for drivers with a Group 2 licence. If you have a Group 1 licence and you are placed on temporary insulin you must get a restricted licence.

If you have more than one severe hypo while awake in a 12-month period, you must stop driving and tell the DVLA. Your licence will be revoked. You can reapply for it three months later.


Here are some additional tips driver with diabetes should be aware of, according to

● Know the symptoms of a hypo – if you’ve lost hypo awareness, you can’t drive.

● Keep spare test strips in the car and bring your meter with you.

● Check your blood sugar levels before you set off and every two hours on long journeys.

● Five to drive – your blood sugars have to be 5mmol/l or above before you drive. If they’re just under 5mmol/l, eat some carbs before heading out.

● If they’re under 4mmol/l – treat your hypo and check your levels again before driving.

● Always keep hypo treatments where you can easily reach them in the car.

● Take breaks on long journeys.

● Don’t delay meals or snacks.


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