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Wednesday, 9th September. Minutes, Newsletter


 2019 GP Patient Survey shows that patients' experience of the surgery remains overwhelmingly positive. Read a comparative summary of the results here.

Wednesday, 12th June. Minutes, Flyer, Newsletter



Wednesday, 21st November: Minutes, Flyer, Presentation

Wednesday, 20th June: Minutes, Flyer, Presentation



Wednesday, 6th December: MinutesFlyer & Presentation

(For further information on how the Practice performed in relation to our patients' expectations, as well as how we intend to improve our services, please click to view: the NHS 2017 National GP Patient Survey, the Practice's "action plan" and Connaught Square's Patient Satisfaction Surveys.)

Wednesday, 1st November: Minutes, Flyer & Mission Statement

Wednesday, 8th Feburary: MinutesFlyer & Presentation



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