What Does the Procedure Involve? 

Spirometry is a breathing test that measures the volume of air that can be breathed in and out. The primary signal measured is volume or flow which is depicted on a graph. The graph and figures provide information on how well the lungs work. The measurements from spirometry are valuable as a screening tool for respiratory health however spirometry alone cannot lead to a diagnosis. The test involves having a nose peg on to block air flow from the nose while breathing through the mouth on a mouthpiece. You will be instructed to breathe normally through the mouthpiece, then to take a big breath in to fill your lungs, then blast it out hard and fast to empty. A maximum of eight blows can be performed to get three acceptable results. You may also be given a bronchodilator such as Ventolin to measure the effects on your lungs and help determine any limitation to air flow in your airways. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly technicians.


What to avoid in preparation for your spirometry appointment?

·         Patients should stop all inhalers the day before the test. Patients should inform the nurse on arrival if they have used their reliever.
·         Patients should stop smoking the day before their test is due.
·         Patients should avoid eating a large meal before their test is due.
·         Patient should avoid vigorous exercise before their test.
·         Patients should avoid wearing tight clothing on the day of the test.