Register with us as a New Patient




New Patient Registration

When registering, please complete our online registration form. The NHS recognises that seeing some form of ID may help to ensure the correct matching of a patient to the NHS central patient registry, thereby ensuring that any previous medical record is passed onto a new practice. However, there is no reguatory requirement to prove identity, address or provide an NHS number, in order to register. You will need to complete a registration form for each person registering with the Practice. 

We will confirm your registration within 5 working days

  • If you do not want to register online: You can visit us and complete the relevant forms by hand. 

We're at 41 Connaught Square, London W2 2HL. We're open seven days a week: 8am until 6:30pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.


How to Register Your Newborn:

If your baby is not yet registered with a GP, it is important to register them as soon as possible so that they have access to healthcare as soon as they may need it. Usually your baby would be given an NHS number whilst they are still in hospital. However, if your baby is born outside of hospital they will receive their NHS number when the midwife registers the birth.


Accountable / Named GP for All Patients

All patients registered at the surgery have a named doctor who has overall responsibility for your care and support. If you choose to see another doctor at the surgery you are entirely free to go on doing so exactly as before.


Disabled Patient Facilities

Disabled patient facilities are also available at this practice.