Phlebotomy: Blood Tests at Connaught Square Practice




Phlebotomy clinics run only on weekdays (Monday through Friday, except Bank Holidays) from 8am till 12pm.


Who is the phlebotomy service for?

The phlebotomy service is for patients of the Practice over the age of 16 who need to have their blood drawn for diagnostic testing or monitoring, on the request of a Practice clinician.


Where do we provide our phlebotomy service?

Our phlebotomy team is based in the Practice.


Who works on our phlebotomy team?

Our phlebotomy team includes two Healthcare Assistants.

Image of test tubes


How can housebound patients access our phlebotomy service?

Housebound patients over the age of 16 can be referred by a Practice clinician to the Community District Nursing team who will arrange to see a patient at home, in order to obtain a blood sample.