Our Appointment System




Arriving for Your Appointment

Please be on time and use the Patient Check-In screen to inform the staff that you have arrived for your appointment. Once you have done that, please proceed to the Waiting Room and wait for the doctor to call your name. 

Please note that if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, the GP or Nurse will not be able to see you and the Receptionist will have to reschedule your appointment.


Booking an Appointment with Us

Please note that the online appointment booking system is currently not in use. To book an appointment at the Connaught Square General Practice, please call us on 0207 402 4026. 

If you need a response from one of our doctors within 48 hours, you can consult with your GP online via the NHS App.

You can speak to an Advanced Nurse Practitioner on the same day by calling us Monday to Friday from 8am.  


The Different Types of Appointments We Offer


Over 40% of our patients use Online Services to message their GP, view test results and order repeat medications. To activate your online services account, please call the Practice on 0207 402 4026.



Most appointments can be booked up to six weeks in advance to accommodate those who need to plan their visit in advance.

Doctor seeing a patient


Image of a doctor seeing a patient

Online GP Consultations

Using the "Advice" tab on your NHS App, you can consult with a GP and receive a response within 48 hours. If a GP can diagnose you, they can issue prescriptions, refer you for diagnostic tests or to a consultant.


Same-Day Appointments

Call us Monday to Friday from 8am to discuss urgent symptoms with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner over the phone on the same day.


GP Telephone Consultations

We also offer telephone consultations with a GP. We recommend patients do this as it's more efficient for us; doctors can handle three times as many telephone as face to face appointments in the same day.


Nurse Telephone Consultations

Our Practice Nurse can provide all necessary information on child immunisations, smear test results or travel vaccinations.

Doctor examining a baby


Seeing the GP 

When booking a face-to-face appointment, please tell the Receptionist who your usual GP is. We will try to provide you with an appointment with your usual GP, or will set up an appointment with another practitioner if your usual GP is not available.


Interpreting Services

Please inform Reception if you require an interpreter when booking your appointment.